Pre-Owned  Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspections

For added peace of mind for consumers when purchasing a used caravan or motorhome.

The aim of the AWS Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspections is to provide a potential buyer with a detailed report on the visual and/or operational condition of the caravan or motorhome they are looking to purchase before they commit to buy.

You can expect the following from an AWS Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspection;

  • Inspection of the safety critical elements  

  • Gas soundness check 

  • Full damp inspection 

  • Wheels and tyres (caravan only)

Along with this, it will also cover other important areas such as the operation of a caravan-mover which is often a deciding factor when purchasing and can be carried out a place to suit you.

For more information as what is covered during a Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspection please click here.